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General information – what’s this all about?
In October 2009 I spent two weeks in China. I dedicated my trip to the real Shenmue 2 locations (my favorite Sega Dreamcast game, see the Shenmue 2 entry on for further information): Aberdeen, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Central, Kowloon and Gui Lin. I decided to create this blog as a publishing platform for pictures and information. If you have any comments, pictures, pieces of advice, new information or whatsoever, feel free to contact me via

This blog is written in english, which is not my native tongue. Find some mistakes? Let me know! Thank you very much!

About the author
My name is Thomas, I’m 31 years old and I live in Germany. I’ve always dreamed of visiting the real Shenmue locations since I finished Shenmue and Shenmue II during the Dreamcast era. In 2007, shortly after I’ve completed my civilian service, I decided to book a trip to Japan through a travel agency. Well, it would have been much more expensive then I had imagined it to be. I screwed the plan. In early 2008, I moved to Nuremberg in the south of Germany to start my job as a junior editor. My roommate told me that she had spent half a year in China and that she had wanted to visit the country again. We decided to make the trip together, starting in late 2009.

About the trip in general
The trip cost roughly 1.600 Euros (approximately 2400 US-Dollar or 16.000 RMB), including hotel costs, flight costs, travel costs (train, airplane, bus), food, visiting tourist attractions and everything else =] We stayed two weeks in China: Three days in Beijing, two days in Shanghai, 5 days in Gui Lin and three days in Hong Kong (in that order). Travelling through the country, hotel rooms and tourist attractions were the most expensive parts of our journey (very cheap compared to Europe, though. Expect the tourist attractions). It would have been a little bit cheaper without making demands concerning the quality of our hotels, like having a proper shower, two beds and a window. If you ask around, you will probably find some cheap places to stay (see below),

Hotel costs and travel costs
Chinese people are not allowed to accommodate tourists in their homes. If you want to do it like Ryo, you’re likely to fail, so kick that thought out of your mind =] A comfortable hotel costs around 150 to 500 RMB (15 to 50 Euros) per night, including breakfast. As I mentioned before, you can have it even cheaper by asking around, spend some time searching or looking up cheap places in the Lonely Planet. And by “cheap” I mean 20 to 100 RMB per night (2 to 10 Euros). In these guest houses you’ll most likely do not have a private shower/toilet or a window. We didn’t stay in such places since we were on vacation and not on a long lasting backpacking adventure.

If you’re looking for a hotel in Gui Lin, here’s an extra tip for you (free of charge): You’ll probably arrive by plane, which is the cheapest and fastest way to go there. The Gui Lin airport has a tourist information point, go check it out! There you can book … well, everything: Li River tours, rental cars and, of course, hotel rooms. The good thing is: They get you a hotel room for a smaller amount of money, compared to what you are likely to pay when you do it at the hotel’s reception (you might get it for half the price. Or even less). We decided to stay in Jin Di Hotel, which was pretty comfortable (maybe you will have some issues with the shower … ) for 200 RMB per night (~ 20 Euro, 30 US-Dollar). The normal price would have been 488 RMB per night. The bad thing is: You can’t have a look at your hotel / room, but you have to pay for it right at the tourist information point. That sounds like a deal with the devil, but it can be a good one! Take Jin Di Hotel (or another one) for one night, spend your next day looking for another hotel, go back to the airport (20 RMB per ride, 2 Euros, 3 US-Dollar) and reserve your hotel room there.

Shenmue 2 locations
Check out the blogs subpages to learn more about Shenmue 2 locations (pictures included):

Wan Chai
Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong Central
Gui Lin

Shenmue locations
I still didn’t get the chance to visit the real Shenmue locations in Japan. Hopefully, that will change in the near future. For the time being: Check out the Shenmuedojo forums and Robert Lewis’ Shenmue Pilgrimage on Venture Beat for some very nice pictures of real Shenmue 1 and 2 locations!


6 thoughts on “Info/Travel tips

    1. Your blog is nice, but like almost everybody, you made a mistake. The shenmue 2 location is not on aberdeen city, but aberdeen street (near Wan Chai & Central). Aberdeen is very far from Wan Chai (it’s not possible to go there by walk), you can check that information on google maps if you want…) I’have stay more than 2 months in HK and look a lot of pictures in hk years 80.

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these fantastic experiences and photos. I will one day go myself!
    I still live in (ever fading) hope of Shenmue 3!

  2. First of all Thank so much Tom i dearly appreciate all the info you have on here I am planning on going either later on this year or early next year & your description of everything is priceless Oh my there is not many words i can u to describe how thankful iam :) but about shenmue 3 i got to thinking & i think i get it know it perhaps was not intentional but the Shenmue Projects really took a chunk of money from Sega so i hear many have mentioned that is one of the reasons why the console died & went banckrupt but theres other reasons envolve to the death of the beloved Dream Cast :( but i think i understand know what Yu suzuki did for many of us is to fall in love with the story & Land scape where all of this happen to capture & invision the beauty of asia in a game & he did it perhaps not intentianally but i can see it that way now that i am much older its been eleven years since i last played Shenmue one & its still to date the most unforgatable most memorable experience i ever had with any piece of entertainment & i think that is it Tom sir you will complete your Journey once you visit the Shenmue I locations because see here is my theory that i honestly believe “is it not our acomplishment to experience Shenmue III (think about it) we are taking out our own adventure to a far & foreign land, heres the videos link ( call me crazy if you want but if you read between the line i understand that it is why for me & the type of impact this games did to my life & afterwards recently meeting many people from Asia i have come to this conclusion i gotta be there & try to make it (as shenhua says in the video’ we shall brave together the rocky path’) & again thank you Tom for everything sir i am so greatful that you kindly shared your experience with us :).

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