Future plans

I just realized that my blog still gets a couple of views every now and then, even though I haven’t updated it in more than two years. That’s awesome! Thank you very much!

The lack of new content simply rests on my personal lack of Shenmue related travelling. I’m still trying to figure out when to travel to Japan to visit the locations of Shenmue I. This is probably going to take a while, so please don’t expect any new content anytime soon (but it will be here someday :D)

Until then I hope you enjoy my blog!


2 thoughts on “Future plans

  1. Hey,

    I’ve just discovered your blog. It’s really cool to see all these nice photos of the Chinese Locations of Shenmue 2. Thank your for writing this blog and uploading all these great pictures.
    I haven’t been able to travel to China yet, but I’ve studied some time in Tokyo and visited Yokosuka about 2 years ago. So if you’re interested take a look at my blog:

    It’s in German, but if you scroll down a bit until you see a Google Maps picture, after this picture there will be some photos of Yokoskua and Dobuita Street.

  2. I’d like to chime in as well, as I only stumbled across your blog today. Just because, as I mentioned in the relevant post, I visited the Man Mo Temple this afternoon.

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